Antiques, Memorabilia, Fine art, Precious Stones and every other thing you consider art can be protected from loss or damage with our art insurance. The cover is for every one (Art Galleries, artists, exhibitors, restorers, collectors etc.). You get coverage which is better adapted to the risks of owning art and collectible items.

You need our Art insurance
• If you have valuable items that would be difficult to repair or replace if they were damaged
• If you have sets of objects, such as furniture, silver or ceramics, whose value would fall materially if one piece were lost or damaged
• If you often buy or sell new art works or collectibles
• If you lend your paintings, sculptures or other art works for exhibitions
• If you have valuable items in storage
• If you do open your house to the public or for special gatherings
• If you do not know the best people to estimate and repair your pictures or other artwork if they are damaged
• If any of your collectible items are deemed fragile or delicate



We will pay for loss or damage to your art pieces caused by theft accompanied by forcible and violent breaking into or out of your premises. We also cover loss of or damage to your item whilst it is undergoing restoration, refurbishment or cleaning provided that the work has been undertaken by a suitably qualified expert who is not part of or employed by your company or any associated companies or is a relative of you or your employees.

Public Liability Insurance – Injury to Visitors

We will also pay for when you become legally liable to pay as damages in respect of:

(i) Accidental bodily injury, illness or death of any person

(ii) Accidental loss of or damage to property

(iii) Legal costs recoverable by any claimant from the insured

(iv) Costs and expenses incurred by the Insured with the consent of the company

Group Personal Accident Insurance – Injury to Exhibitors and their Employees

We cover your employees who sustain bodily injury solely and independently of any other cause by accidental, violent, external and visible means resulting in death. The Company will pay compensation to the Insured, or in the case of death to his legal representatives.
Medical, Surgical and Hospital Expenses means the medical expenses (including operation fees, cost of medicine, surgical appliances and hospital or nursing home charges) necessarily incurred and expended in connection with any injury by accident within the meaning of the policy.

Artworks in Transit

An art work is at its most vulnerable when it’s being moved: from the moment it is lifted off a wall until the moment it’s back on a wall (or safely on a pedestal or in a case). You are covered when you move your art piece from one part of Nigeria to another from risks like fire, accidental tearing, chipping or denting, or theft. The policy also operates during loading and unloading of the goods.

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  • Documentation: Upload all necessary documents depending on the kind of claim it is.

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  • Processing: Claim is received and processed.
  • Settlement: Claim is settled on confirmation.


Capacity to pay claims: In the past five years we have paid over N92 billion in claims. Solid financial reputation: With an asset base of over N270 billion, we remain Nigeria’s strongest insurer. Easy Claims Settlement: We tell no stories when you make claims, we pay imediately your claim is verified. Customer Care: Our customer service representatives are always available to attend to your inquiries.

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