Leadway Home Flexa Silver

 The Leadway Home Flexa Silver is a product designed to provide comprehensive and affordable insurance protection for low-income consumers. It is a flexible insurance that covers personal accident, property loss, property damage, private health plan and family benefit. One key feature of Home Flexa cover is that it is tailored to save the policyholders money and unnecessary expense.

Cover Features

This policy offers cash back for low claims, which means that if the money you claim for loss or damage is low, a portion of the premium you paid will be returned to you. If you chose to renew your policy, you can use your cash back as a discount to following year’s premium.

Please note that in the case of private health plans, you will only receive reimbursement if you have obtained treatment at a mission hospital or Federal/State Government hospitals. (Treatment received at private hospitals is not covered by this policy and will not be reimbursed.) Examples of mission hospitals are Baptist, Methodist or Catholic Hospitals, Seventh Day Adventist Hospitals or Muslim Hospitals.

The household members covered for medical expenses in this policy include only your spouse and your children. If you are not married, you can add a second person on your policy, instead of a spouse. The names of the household members covered should be provided to Leadway Assurance when you purchase the policy.

Also note that this product attracts an ‘Excess’ for medical expenses and contents. The ‘Excess’ is the amount subtracted from the amount of your loss to get the amount payable to you.  If your plan has an ‘excess’ of N1, 000 and you have a claim of N20, 000 the amount payable to you is N19, 000. The excess that applies to your plan is provided in your policy.

Premium Paying Method

Payment under this policy may be made annually or in monthly instalments (at no extra cost) through the following means:

  • Cash (to Leadway Assurance branches or designated agents)
  • Cheque (to Leadway Assurance branches or designated agents)


Under the Home Flexa policy, you can enjoy insurance cover totaling up to as much as N500, 000. With a monthly payment of N1, 074, you will be entitled to N125, 000 cover for household items, N200, 000 for death or disability, Medical cover of N20, 000 for out-patient and N40, 000 for in-patient, and a fixed payment of N65, 000 for funeral expenses.

The table below gives a vivid summary of the benefits and limits of this cover.

HOME FLEXA SILVER HOUSEHOLD CONTENTS • Compensation for loss or damage to your belongings (while kept at home) caused by the following:


(1) Fire (2) Burglary (3) Enemy damage  (4) Impact from an object (5) Strike & Riot (6) Flood & Storm (7) Lightning (8) Limited Explosion (9) Earthquake

Limit of N125, 000
PERSONAL ACCIDENT • Compensation to your family if you or your spouse die or become disabled as a result of an accident Disability: Limit of N200, 000
Death: Fixed payment of N200, 000
MEDICAL BENEFIT If you, your spouse or children, obtain treatment at a mission hospital or Federal/ State government hospital, the company will pay:


• Reimbursement for hospital visits (out-patient) and a cash contribution if admitted for hospitalization (in-patient)

Out-patient: Limit of N20,000
In-patient: Limit of N40, 000
FUNERAL EXPENSES • A cash contribution to your family in the unfortunate event of the loss of you or your spouse.

• This benefit will only cover the funeral expenses of one person during your policy period

Fixed payment of N65, 000


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The Home Flexa Silver Insurance Package is suitable for all, flexible and pocket-friendly. Yet it offers great benefits. So, call: 01-2800700 to speak to any of our representatives who will attend to your requests. You may also e-mail lcs@leadway.com for more information or click the button below to buy right away.

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