You’ve worked hard to get a speedboat, you earned it. Let’s help you protect it against the risk of theft, accidental damage or wreckage so you don’t have to worry about anything. Our speedboat Insurance is a premium package that covers your speedboat against a host of risks which includes storm, theft of valuable motor parts, wreckage, etc. While you’re at sea on a luxury ride, be rest assured and enjoy the good life. Leave the worries to us.



  • Upon survival to the end of the policy term (maturity), the accumulated amount in the policy holder’s account is paid automatically into the bank account provided at inception of policy. Should death occur during the policy term, the life cover sum assured and the accumulated amount in the policyholder’s account as at time of claim is payable.
  • Free life cover of N250,000. Additional life cover over this minimum subject to a maximum of N500,000 could be purchased. There is also the option to cover critical illness and accidental Permanent Total Disablement. Where this is chosen, if the policy holder is diagnosed with a critical illness covered by this policy (cancer, stroke, heart attack, kidney failure, coronary artery by-pass graft and coronary angioplasty) or sustains an injury, the amount selected as sum assured at inception of the plan is payable along with the accumulated amount in the policy holder’s account as at time claim. If you need money to pay school fee expense, you are allowed to make at most one partial surrender annually, beginning from the end of the first policy year. (subject to a minimum of N50,000 and a maximum of 25% of account balance).

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  • Documentation: Upload all necessary documents depending on the kind of claim it is.

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  • Processing: Claim is received and processed.
  • Settlement: Claim is settled on confirmation.


Capacity to pay claims: In the past five years we have paid over N92 billion in claims. Solid financial reputation: With an asset base of over N270 billion, we remain Nigeria’s strongest insurer. Easy Claims Settlement: We tell no stories when you make claims, we pay imediately your claim is verified. Customer Care: Our customer service representatives are always available to attend to your inquiries.

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