Several fraudsters are roaming around the internet using malicious software, systems, and channels to exploit members of the public and sometimes companies by fraudulently obtaining sensitive and personal information like usernames, passwords, debit card details, etc.

We are aware that some of these cybercriminals pose as representatives of Leadway Assurance to swindle innocent people of their hard-earned money. We have consistently tried and will continue to work towards preventing this issue by educating members of the public on how to spot scam attempts and remain scam smart. However convincing these fraudsters may seem, you can easily guard yourself by learning and protecting yourself against their gimmicks.

One of the ways to guard yourself is by getting familiar with our company name company’s official website, email address, social media handles, and other official communication channels. This is because fraudsters use relatable bait such as links to fake webpages, similar social media handles, or spoofed email to obtain valuable information from their victims. Many times they use phony or similar names to perpetrate these crimes. For example, you could get a message from Leadway Insurance, Leadway Assures, Leadway insurance investment, Lead Way Insurance Company, etc.

Please note that our company name is ‘Leadway Assurance Company Limited’ often shortened and called ‘Leadway Assurance’.

Another way is to know what we do as a company. Money doubling and Ponzi schemes are classic baits that fraudsters have repeatedly used to lure people into their traps. Please note that Leadway Assurance Company Limited is an insurance company that deals with risk management. We have a subsidiary company and five (5) other associate companies and none of them is into Ponzi schemes or Money doubling.

In addition, the most common platform being used by theses scammers are social media closed groups. They add people to these groups, make false promises, and ask them to pay into personal accounts. Please note that Leadway Assurance has no WhatsApp, Telegram, or Facebook group for her customers.  If you receive any request to join such groups, please reach out to us.


Furthermore, we have Insurance Advisors (Sales agents) across Nigeria, however, under no circumstance will any Leadway staff or Agent ask you to pay your premium into a personal account. Kindly notify us if you receive such a request by sending a message to us via any of our official channels.

Although cyber-attacks seem to be increasing daily, you can guard yourself by getting acquainted with these tips that we have shared, and by reaching out to us for verification purposes when in doubt.

Be scam smart!