From the very moment most cars are shipped into Nigeria, they get a harsh welcome from traffic, potholes, danfo drivers, okadas, the famous ‘kekes’ and many more. If cars could speak, they would literally scream “take me back!!!”

The roads are getting a lot worse this rainy season, causing more and more cars to get damaged. The crucial need to commute with your own vehicle to maintain social distancing and stay safe is not making things any easier. You undoubtedly need your car on the road now, more than ever.

Bad road with potholes

Despite all, the hustle must continue and the good news is that there are ways to ensure that your car serves you longer and there are also ways to get yourself and your car protected from the many risks on our streets.

From the mechanical standpoint, make sure you service your vehicle regularly and get the vital components checked- windscreen wipers, lights, tires and fluids are also important elements to attend to on your vehicle. Ensure your tyres are properly gauged, and all fluids are at the right levels.

However, every car owner can testify to the fact that accidents could still happen regardless of how careful you might be. The question is…how then do you protect yourself and your vehicle from unforeseen damages or accidents? One of the best ways to make sure that such incidences do not strain your purse would be to take the wise decision of insuring your car.

Leadway Assurance provides a wide range of Auto Insurance Plans that cover damages caused by accidents and other unforeseen occurrences. Our Comprehensive auto insurance plan provides the widest cover against fire, theft and other damages caused to your vehicle. It also covers death, bodily injury and damages to the vehicle or property of third parties caused by the insured vehicle(s).

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