A car accident is almost never a deliberate occurrence and accident scenes are usually ridden with much anxiety and disorientation. However, if you happen to still be in a conscious, safe position, the knowledge of what to do can determine how smoothly your insurance claim is handled.

Here are 4 things to do at an accident scene

1. Access the situation

Check on your health and that of other occupants of your car and the other vehicle if any. Someone might be critically hurt and require quick medical attention. Often, the pain and injuries caused by car accidents become obvious hours after the impact. Verify that you are all not in danger. Move to a safe spot if you are, especially in the case of leaking petrol. 

However, ensure you don’t leave the scene completely. If you’re in an accident with another car and they try to flee, get the license plate, and model of the vehicle. Avoid pursuing a car that leaves the scene. Help the injured where necessary and call for emergency medical assistance.

2. Call the police

It is a good idea to notify the police even if there are no significant injuries. When you want to submit a claim with your insurance provider for car damage, you might require a police report. Unless they impede traffic, the cars involved in the collision should stay where they are.

Inform the authorities, especially if someone is injured. When the police show up, assist the officer and provide accurate responses to all of their inquiries. You should also ensure that comments provided by other people involved in the accident are correct.

3. Record evidence

If you wish to submit an insurance claim following the accident, keeping records of proof is crucial. Take photographs of any damage to your vehicle, as well as any extra information that may be relevant when filing a claim.

You’ll need the names of the drivers and passengers, license plate numbers, insurance information, the makes and models of any cars involved, the location of the accident, and the name and badge number of the police officers present.

4. Inform your insurance company

Inform your insurance company right away. Many policies need immediate reporting and complete cooperation. Once you’ve documented all of the circumstances of the collision, contact your insurance company and notify them of the incident. Answer all of their inquiries and present them with the information you gathered.

Tell them all you know and don’t make any false statements. Lying to your insurer may weaken your claim, and your insurance company will reject your claim if the data you gave does not match those obtained by the insurance agent.

Bottom line

Being in a car accident is unpleasant enough to take on the financial burden of not having insurance coverage. 

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