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24 11, 2022

What To Do At An Accident Scene

2022-11-24T11:16:52+01:00November 24th, 2022|Categories: Blog|Tags: |

A car accident is almost never a deliberate occurrence and accident scenes are usually ridden with much anxiety and disorientation. However, if you happen to still be in a conscious, safe position, the knowledge of what to do can [...]

22 11, 2022

What it Means When a Car is Totaled

2022-11-23T12:03:23+01:00November 22nd, 2022|Categories: Blog|Tags: |

You might have heard that your car was totaled, but do not know what it means. If your insurance company says that your car is "totaled" or "totaled in an accident", it means it will cost more than just [...]

11 08, 2022

What Do You Do If Your Car Gets Keyed? (Does Insurance Pay?)

2022-08-11T14:03:56+01:00August 11th, 2022|Categories: Blog|Tags: |

Car keying is a deliberate crime; it’s considered an act of vandalism. It also costs you time and money to fix, and you might wonder if your insurance covers it. Most comprehensive insurance plans cover it. Comprehensive insurance typically covers [...]

14 06, 2022

How To File An Auto Insurance Claim

2022-06-15T11:08:49+01:00June 14th, 2022|Categories: Blog|Tags: , |

No one wants to experience loss or damage to their property. However, if it happens and you have planned ahead, your insurance company will compensate for the damages. Having auto insurance is one thing, but knowing how to file a [...]

6 05, 2022

10 Tips To Save Costs On Car Insurance

2022-05-06T17:12:15+01:00May 6th, 2022|Categories: Blog|Tags: , |

After paying so much to acquire your car, it will surely be helpful to find ways you can save costs when buying or renewing insurance for it. This article discusses some valuable tips on how to save money on your [...]

28 03, 2022

How Third Party Vehichle Insurance Works

2022-03-28T16:14:37+01:00March 28th, 2022|Categories: Blog|Tags: , , |

Driving is an unpredictable activity. One minute you are cruising, enjoying the luxury of your car, and the next, a little distraction causes you to crash into another vehicle. Depending on how serious the crash is, it could result in [...]

23 03, 2022

Auto Insurance: Everything You Need To Know (2023)

2023-01-04T13:50:41+01:00March 23rd, 2022|Categories: Blog|Tags: , , , |

Buying a car is a form of investment, and whenever you make an investment you want to protect it. This is where auto insurance comes in. In this article, we discuss what auto insurance is, the types of car [...]

23 02, 2022

Third Party Insurance vs Comprehensive Insurance: What You Should Know (2022)

2022-05-24T16:53:43+01:00February 23rd, 2022|Categories: Blog|Tags: , , |

There are several types of auto insurance policies, and they all work under different conditions. Whichever car insurance policy you choose, understanding its details can help you decide what works bests for you. This article discusses the difference between third-party [...]

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