Car keying is a deliberate crime; it’s considered an act of vandalism. It also costs you time and money to fix, and you might wonder if your insurance covers it. Most comprehensive insurance plans cover it. Comprehensive insurance typically covers any loss or damages to your car due to accidents, theft, fire or explosion, civil disturbance, natural disasters, etc

If your car was keyed, here are four recommended steps to take.

1. Document the damages

The first thing you should do is to document the incident. Take notes as well as pictures and videos, and you can also send them to a few people as witnesses. Gathering evidence will help you when filing a police report and when you are ready for an insurance claim.

2. File a police report

The next step is to go to the police because, as mentioned earlier, it is a deliberate crime punishable by law. Going to the police will help with investigation. You’ll need to answer a few questions that will aid their report, and they will likely track down who did it. A report is important because the insurance company will ask for it when you try to make an insurance claim.

3. Call your insurance provider

When you’ve documented and gotten your police report, call your insurance provider to tell them about the incident and find out if your insurance covers it as well as the next steps for you to take. Most comprehensive insurance should typically cover a minor incident like car keying. If your insurance covers it, the company will send an appraiser who will assess the monetary value and let you know if it’s worth filing a claim before taking it to a body shop for repairs.

4. Take it for repairs

You can ask if the insurance company has their own body shop that they use in such cases or if they can recommend one for you. If not, look for a reputable body shop and connect it to the insurance company. It might cost a little or more money depending on the type of damage.

Keyed cars do not necessarily affect rates as much as other types of car damages like accidents. The cost often depends on how deep and how far the scratch runs. If it’s on different sides of the car, it’ll cost more if it’s just a tiny part of the car. Sometimes you might need just a clear coat, or a clear coat and paint, or if the scratch exposes the inner panels of your car. The colour of the vehicle also determines the cost.

How to prevent your car from getting keyed again?

  • Install car alarms
  • Park perfectly within designated parking lines
  • Park in areas with high security, e.g., a security guard or CCTV surveillance
  • Leave plenty of space between your car and the cars beside you
  • If possible, park inside, i.e., in a private garage or a parking lot

Bottom line

Your car getting keyed is out of your control, and it can happen for several reasons sometimes. It might be an accident; it could be caused by a feud you have with someone, or it could just be plain hooliganism. But whatever it is, once you own a car, you need to be mentally prepared for such a situation. There are also different ways to fix it, if it’s a small scratch, you can try DIY methods and techniques through resources that you can find on YouTube (not advisable), or hand it over to a professional depending on your budget. Either way, be sure to know ahead if your insurance covers it.

Now, you know what to do when your car gets keyed. Having auto insurance protects you from damages, theft, losses, damages due to collisions, floods, and more. Here at Leadway, we can help you determine the best auto policy for you. Contact us today, and we’d be happy to assist you.