Earlier this week the president announced the suspension of the lockdown starting from the 4th of May 2020. This was received with mixed reactions, while some felt it wasn’t the right time yet, others received this well because economic activities might resume and they can now get back to their source of livelihood. Regardless of where one stands on the suspension of the lockdown, we must not get carried away as the virus is still out there and so is the risk of infection.

As a business owner, you most likely would be interacting with potential customers to complete transactions, as an employee, going back to work means you would be in the same space as some of your colleagues and those who choose to remain at home might still be exposed as other members of the house have the opportunity of going out. Evidently, there is no way to guarantee your safety 100% since you are still exposed to other people as you carry out your daily activities.

To ensure we minimize the spread, we need to make sure we follow all existing safety protocols such as washing our hands regularly, using alcohol-based hand sanitizers, wearing a face mask, and avoiding touching our faces. All of these will help in preventing the rapid transmission of the virus but they still cannot guarantee you from contracting the virus.

The smartest decision anyone can make right now is to get a life insurance policy. A policy that will cushion any financial burden that may arise from falling ill or possible death.

Leadway Assurance has a Lifestyle Protection Plan which ensures that you and your family can maintain a healthy financial lifestyle regardless of uncertainties like a loss of life or critical illness.

The future is never certain but it can be insured at an affordable premium. Above all, ensure you follow all safety precautions but make sure you have a back- up plan to reduce the risks of uncertainties.

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